Science and Technology


The Australian Curriculum; Science, is divided into three main strands:

Science Understanding includes Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences and Physical Sciences. Students are challenged to explore science, its concepts, nature and uses through clearly described inquiry processes.


The teaching of Information Technology skills is embedded into all key learning areas. Students have access to contemporary technologies to support their learning. We aim to:

Our resources include; ipads, interactive whiteboards in all classrooms and 1-1 Chromebook access for students in Years 3-6. Students also have access to a wide range of up to date and engaging learning programs.

Cyber Safety plays a major role in teaching students about using ICT at Richardson, especially in the senior years of schooling. Students have regular opportunities to discuss acceptable use and online safety.

Richardson Primary is a Google Apps for Education School, providing students with a range of online learning tools such as Google Drive, Docs, Forms and Sheets. Students can access these tools at home and school, allowing greater collaboration and sharing between teachers, peers and family.